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What do you mean "academically rigorous?" I heard that the Nature Academy was for kids who couldn't make it in the regular program.

posted Aug 22, 2010, 1:12 AM by Unknown user

The Nature Academy has a science/social studies-based curriculum which is committed to looking at the larger issues of natural/cultural world interactions. It is complimented by an ability placed math program as well as intensive Language Arts and Social Studies programs. Some of the specific expectations include the following.

  • All students must read a minimum of one million words independently to earn an average grade in Language Arts.

  • Students must write frequently, in a variety of genres, for a wide range of audiences. This pays off! Nature Academy students have enjoyed publication of their writing in several newspapers and magazines and have amassed over $800 in cash for submitting winning essays and poems to various competitions.

  • Traditionally a high % of our 8th grade class will engage in 9th & 10th grade math each year.

  • By the end of 8th grade all Nature Academy students are encouraged to demonstrate proficiency in Algebra enabling them to bypass 9th grade math and progress immediately to Geometry.

The Nature Academy is geared toward academically minded, self-motivated student who relishes a challenging, experience-based curriculum. If your child lacks good study habits, this may not be the program for him